Christmas gift ideas for the off-road rider

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In our third Christmas gift guide we focus on gifts for off-road riders..

It might be getting a bit nippy outside, but it's the perfect time of year to get out and indulge in a bit of muddy fun, and with the help of the gifts below, it can be even more fun.

EDZ Mens undersuit

Designed for use in both hot and cold temperatures, this EDZ undersuit wicks moisture away from your skin and stops your kit sticking to you, meaning you don't have to dance about trying to get your gear off at the end of a ride.

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This jazzy off-road lid from Italian manufacturer AGV has thicker internal padding for better comfort and is designed so as not to interfere with a neck protector. It's constructed from multi-composite and comes in three shell sizes.

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Forcefield Pro Pants

The Pro Pants from Forcefield feature CE approved armour at the knee, thighs, hips, buttock and coccyx with Repeat Performance Technology. Not only will they protect you in an off, but the pants themselves act as a base layer, keeping your legs at a comfortable temperature.

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Klim Gore Windstopper Inversion gloves

These lightweight gloves are designed to keep the wid completely out, and thus keep your digits nice and toasty. Despite blocking out the wind they're breathable so your hands won't overheat, and they even come with electronic touch screen conductivity on the index fingers.

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Muc-Off Essentials Cleaning Kit

Off-road riding is great fun. Cleaning the bike again after? Not so much. This kit from Muc-Off comes with their Nano-Tech cleaner, sponge, wheel brush and motorcycle protectant.


Muc-Off brush set

If you really want to get your off-road steed clean then these brushes will go great with the Muc-Off Essentials kit. There are five different brushes to attack dirt no matter where it is on your bike.

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