Richard Hammond on his 'perfect ride'

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Richard Hammond has released a new book, hooray! Even better, this will make a perfect stocking-filler this Crimbo.

Speaking about A Short History of the Motorcycle, the Hamster boasted to MCN’s Head of Content, Tim Thompson, about his ‘properly researched’ book, which revels in why bikes and biking are so irresistible to so many.

“Motorcycling is special, the best thing possible,” says Hammond. “When it’s good, it’s blissful, I want to preserve that, and I’ve tried, without being too divisive, to address this with the book.”

Covering the joys, and dooms, of riding you’ll see the former Top Gear presenter take us through a journey from a motorbike’s origins through to its modern day incarnation.

In a book built for those who ride and for those poor souls who don’t, he continues: “My theory is, that what we wanted more than anything else as a species was the motorcycle, but first we had to invent the motor and invent the bicycle.”

With short, easy-to-read chapters, the now Grand Tour presenter also guides us through discussions about superstar bikers and daredevils like Evel Knievel, in an overall pleasant and informative read, giving bikers the ‘perfect ride’ and offering non-riders an explanation about that very same feeling.

Buy A Short History of the Motorcycle now on Amazon, a motorbike book everyone will love.

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Maria Vallahis

By Maria Vallahis