Guy Martin's next record attempt in a human-powered airship

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Following on from the Triumph Infor Streamliner record attempt, the journey of Speed with Guy Martin continues as the TT Racer sets out to become the first person to cross the English Channel in a human-powered airship.

Sitting on a ‘flying bicycle’ – suspended beneath a helium-filled balloon the size of a bus –  Guy will use every pedal stroke to spin two propellers for this record attempt.


In the Channel 4 show we will see the adrenaline-junkie TV personality working closely with French aeronautical engineer Stéphane Rousson to cover 24 miles, starting from Kent over the busiest shipping lane in the world to reach the French coast. 

Preparing for a potential eight-hour journey, Guy will also learn to fly indoors at the historic Cardington Hangars in Bedfordshire, the former factory where some of the world’s biggest flying machines were created.

He’ll also take a fast jet pilot course with the British military elite so that he knows what to do if he has to crash land. 

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Ready for more speed? ‘Course you are! Tune in on Sunday, September 25, Channel 4, 7.30pm for episode 2 of this year’s Speed with Guy Martin. 


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Maria Vallahis

By Maria Vallahis