The speeding fine structure has changed

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From today, the speeding fine system has changed, meaning offenders could pay up to 150% of their weekly income as a fine.

Getting caught even 10mph over the limit, could see a 50% fine, should the case be taken to court for review. 


There are now three bands (A, B and C) that correspond to different speeds and levels of fine.

Get caught travelling between 31-40mph in a 30mph zone would be a Band A offence netting a 50% fine, meaning someone on the UK average salary would get a £200 fine.

Get caught over 51mph in a 30mph would be a Band C offence, with the fine coming in around £600.

Each fine will be capped at £1,000 for a road offence and £2,500 if committed on a motorway.

Once again, these guidelines only apply in court, so you can still be issued a Fixed Penalty Notice at the roadside. 

For minor, non-court offences, there is still the option to take a speed awareness course. This course is often given as a choice to those who are caught speeding by a small amount for the first time. It takes around half a day and is offered as an option that avoids points being awarded on the offender’s license and often costs roughly the same as a speeding fine.

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Jordan Gibbons and James Archibald

By Jordan Gibbons and James Archibald