British rider youngest person to ride solo around the world

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23-year-old Kane Avellano has received his Guinness World Record certificate after travelling over 32,000 miles around the world in just eight months, becoming the youngest person to circumnavigate the globe by motorcycle solo.

Kane completed his 35 country, six continent trip earlier this year onboard his Triumph Bonneville and managed to raise £2,200 for UNICEF in the process. It wasn’t all plain sailing for Kane, who had to battle torrential monsoons in India, blistering heat in the deserts of Australia and powerful storms in South America.


Speaking after his return, Kane said: “The past eight months have been the most exciting in my life. I had the chance to discover what the world really has to offer, to meet many different people along the way and explore their cultures, religions and behaviours, while having an incredible time. 

So today is the final day of the BonnieTour and one of the toughest, I have to ride 800 km from France to England in -6 degree weather. Before I do that i want to thank everyone that has helped me on this wild adventure and everyone that has made as donation to Unicef! It’s really been awesome, I’ve met so many people, had so many great experiences… I’m never going to forget any of this! This video was to short to say everything I wanted, but tomorrow I will update everyone and I would love to do a live stream on Instagram where you can ask me any questions you all have! ( I’ll keep you updated with details later ) So thank you all for coming on this adventure with me and I have lots more stories to share with y’all. You can also still make a donation to my page, we are so close to the goal of £1000 #motorcycleadventure #traveldiaries #advrider #overland #motolife #fortheride #triumphofficial #moto #bonneville #triumphbonneville #riding #adventure #explore #mitorcycle #agv #dainesecrew #bonnietour #motorcycle #finishline #theend #thankyou

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“This will be the first motorcycle circumnavigation to be verified by Guinness in 14 years and I’m really pleased it was done on my Triumph – it’s a bike I’ve shared lots of memories with and was the perfect bike for the job, albeit not your conventional adventure bike.”

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By Liam Marsden

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