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Video: Huskies go for a ride

Published: 10 August 2017

The news is all a bit doom and gloom lately isn't it? What with the threat of nuclear war and all that. But dogs make everybody happy, don't they? And you're probably here because you like motorcycles. So surely two Huskies riding a scooter can make you forget about it all for at least a minute.

Luckily we have such a video, filmed recently in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand.

We've all seen pets riding pillion before. There were these cats riding pillion with their own little helmets. The chap who took his four cats for a night time ride around Hanoi. Just last month a rider was filmed in Indian with three dogs on his scooter.


But this latest video has moved things on a notch as the rider has fitted a plastic garden chair to the back of his scooter to accomodate one of the dogs.

There, doesn't everything feel a little better now?

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