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MV Agusta have updated all of their three-cylinder motorcycles so they now comply with Euro4 regulations.

The F3 675, F3 800 and Dragster 800 will see modifications made to both the engine and electronics to bring the motorcycles in line with the Euro4 regulations, allowing them to be sold beyond 2018. 

Engine noise has been reduced significantly by 50% and exhaust gas emissions have been reduced by 48% over the old Euro3 requirements, making the bikes quieter and cleaner.


So, what’s been updated?

The F3 675 and 800 both feature a new frame mounting point that MV claim improves the chassis by increasing torsional and longitudinal rigidity. The engines on both machines have had a host of internal upgrades that also help the bikes meet the required standard. 

MV are claiming the power that the bikes make with the new revisions to be 128hp for the F3 675 and 144hp for the F3 800. The Dragster 800 is said to make 140hp. 

All of the triple-engine models feature a new balance shaft, oil and water pump, drive gearing and primary gearing to reduce noise. The intake valve assembly has also been given a number of updates with the intake cam and valves redesigned. The valve guides have also been made from a new material that is harder wearing and the intake and exhaust valve springs are also new.

The volume of the silencers has been increased, with the manifold featuring a new catalytic converter. A new gear shifter with redesigned gear dogs also help with better gear changes.

Alongside the engine modifications comes a new electronics package. The bikes are loaded with new fuel maps to help increase efficiency and the bikes now have eight stage traction control. This matches the electronics package currently offered on MV Agusta’s Dragster RR.

The updates mean that MV will now be able to continue selling the bikes into the foreseeable future after new legislation introduced at the start of the year required all new motorcycles to meet the tight emission and noise regulations – signalling the end of some motorcycle models altogether.

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James Archibald

By James Archibald

Former MCN Junior Web Producer