Video: Mid air surprise for dune riding motorcyclist

Published: 07 February 2017

It's never really that much of a surprise when car drivers get in your way if you're riding on the road, it's just something that happens.

Generally riding off-road is a good way to get away from other road users and enjoy riding without the distractions of other people, but the rider in this video clearly got a bit of a shock while out enjoying a ride in the dunes.

Using the dunes as a jump, the rider took off, and in mid air spotted his landing. Except there was a jeep there. The rear tyre of the bike landed on the bonnet of the car, but somehow the rider managed to stay on.


I'm not sure which party is to blame completely, or if they should both shoulder some of the blame, but using huge sand dunes with blind landings as jumps seems a little daft. I'll keep my two wheels firmly on the ground for now, thanks.


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