You can do it! #ride5000miles

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You can do it! Who doesn’t want to ride their bike more often?

By taking on the #ride5000miles challenge you’ll have the perfect excuse! Family chores, work or boring old DIY can mercilessly eat into your bike riding time, signing up to the challenge will not only gives you a reason to fire up the bike more often but it will also inspire you to discover great biking roads, make new riding mates and brush up on your skills.

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Get bike fit, stay safe, have fun

You need to ride just 13 miles a day to hit 5000 miles in 12 months so you don’t need a touring bike or expensive riding kit to complete the challenge. You don’t have to live in the countryside or have oodles of free time either, just by riding regularly you’ll be amazed how the miles tot up. Commuting daily and the occasionally weekend jaunt will see you nudging 4000 miles by years end. Enjoy a holiday exploring the UK or Europe’s stunning roads, go on a couple of long weekends with your mates and you’ll sail right through your target. If you’re already a hard core, iron butt then there’s always the 10,000 mile challenge!

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Improve your riding and your life

We all know that practice makes perfect but it is especially relevant to riding your bike. Increasing your yearly mileage will improve your riding skills making you a more natural, confident rider prepared for the unexpected. Why not take the opportunity to book some advanced riding tuition too?

Make great memories

More than anything, riding more will pack your year with inspiration and fun. You’ll encounter incredible roads and see new things, meet new people, and fill 2016 with moments and memories you’d never have at your desk, on the sofa or stuck inside the family car.

Fun, free, friendly

There are lots of different ways to tot up your miles and in MCN each week you’ll find heaps of advice and inspiration to get going and keep going. From other peoples route recommendations to our favourite bike meets there’ll be no shortage of ideas to get you out on your bike.

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