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Kawasaki made their second appearance of their K-World Tour, this time at Cadwell Park.

Kawasaki have been stopping at Select No Limits trackdays to give potential customers the opportunity to test ride Kawasaki machinery for free and also brought along stunt rider Lee Bowers to keep people entertained between track sessions.

“It’s been really good, we had the first leg of the tour at Lyddon Hill a few weeks ago, which luckily brought the same weather, which has been fantastic,” said Kawasaki’s Senior Racing and Marketing Co-ordinator, Ross Burridge. “We had a good turnout there and a lot of customers have taken the opportunity to try out the demo bikes.


“It’s a good opportunity to engage directly with our customers, normally we have to rely on the dealers to do that. Today was even better, we’ve had a bigger turnout, equally great weather and it’s been a huge success all round.”

We also caught up with Lee to find out how he’s been finding the K-Tour so far.

“It’s something different, bringing No Limits, Kawasaki and myself together. It’s good for everyone really – you’ve got the demo rides with Kawasaki, the trackdays and obviously I get to stunt at the events too, it’s good,” Lee told us. 

Talking about performing at the Kawasaki events, Lee added, “I really enjoy it, a lot of the riders here doing the trackday appreciate what I do, they’re all bikers. It’s a different crowd, normally it’s a lot of family entertainment, so this is a lot of people who love bikes and love what I do. I think they’re able to appreciate what I do on the bike more.

“We’re headed to Mallory Park for the final stop of the tour. Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to leave black marks there, so I got it out of my system today. So, Mallory will be a lot of freestyle work.”

Other than being a qualified class B skydiver (which we think means he can jump out of a plane by himself), Lee has been riding for Kawasaki 15 years and reveals his first bike was a KX80. 

The final stop of the K-Tour is at Mallory Park on Saturday, 29 July where riders can take advantage of the free Kawasaki demo rides happening throughout the day. Club Kawasaki members can also take advantage of a 25% discount on the trackday.

For more information, head to the Kawasaki website.

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