Road design 'must change approach to motorbikes'

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A leading transport practice is calling for more attention to be paid to motorcyclists when roads are designed and planned.

Local Transport Projects recently authored Transport for London's (TfL) Urban Motorcycle Design Handbook, which aims to help highway practitioners address the most pressing highway issues affecting motorcyclists in London.

While TfL are using the handbook for existing and future projects, LTP say the handbook can also be used nationwide.


LTP director Andy Mayo said: "This is something that really needs to change. To put this into context, in 2015 there were 387 cyclists killed or seriously injured on London’s roads, for a mode share of 2%, compared with 540 motorcyclists and a 1% mode share."

Mr Mayo acknowledges that the handbook will not eradicate collisions involving motorcyles, but says it can reduce the likelihood of collisions occurring. The handbook covers areas such as factors affecting the road surface and grip, visibility, roadside features and the design of traffic calming measures.

Lilli Matson, TfL’s head of strategy and outcome planning, said: "By working with outside organisations to provide training and guidance on highway design, we can work together to reduce road danger for all motorcyclists."

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