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Electric motorcycles are getting better all the time, with companies such as Energica, Alta Motors and Zero Motorcycles leading the way. Remember this Aero E-Racer we saw at EICMA last year? 

Although we love the smell of petrol and the rasp of an exhaust, we simply can't ignore the weird and wonderful creations the electric motorcycle world is bringing us. In particular the E-Raw (pictured at the top of this article) created by French manufacturer Essence Motorcycles. 

"Simplicity is supreme sophistication - Leonardo DeVinci" is what the company refer to when speaking on the E-Raw's design. Renaissance sculptors aside, the firm continues by discussing the values in which they work by, "We combine raw materials, metal and wood, which we work by hand, using artisan techniques as ancestral innovation."


It's no argument that this bike stands out from the crowd. With a wooden seat and 'tank' perched atop a trellis frame, the short seat unit gives the bike a futuristic bobber feel, although it doesn't look especially comfortable.

Also included are front and rear Ohlins suspensionBeringer brakes and controlsRenthal handlebars, and 17-inch Excel rims.

Now, it's all well and good making a bike that looks pretty, but what about the performance?

Essence Motorcycles claim the 167kg bike has a torque output of 133ftlb, which results in the Pymco electric motor going from 0-62mph in 3.5 seconds. And with a 30 minute charging process and a top speed of 96mph, the 10.1 kWh capacity battery will be good for a range of 115 miles. Pretty decent in our books. 

The company plans to make only ten E-Raw models, selling them for around $60,000 (£48,168) each.


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Liam Marsden and Maria Vallahis

By Liam Marsden and Maria Vallahis