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Off-road action improves road riding, but which is the best bike for beginners? See what happens when our Road Testers got down and dirty…

If you’ve already mastered the muddy art of riding off-road, look away now. For this test of mid-capacity, road legal, competition four-stroke enduro bikes, we’re not going to be discovering the nuances of their handling, bouncing them off berms, or pitching them each other against the clock.

We tested the Yamaha WR250F, KTM's 350 EXC-F and Honda's CRF250RE head-to-head to see which one was most suited to the novice mud-monster.


Unlike our tarmac road and track tests where we’re able to push machines to their limit, this is an off-road idiot’s opinion (mine) of which is the easiest and most fun to live with. I’d be lucky to get within 10% of what any of them can do in the mud. But that’s kind of the point. Few of us need a flashy enduro but it’s nice to know there’s a huge well of performance to splash around in as you improve. 

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Michael Neeves

By Michael Neeves

MCN Chief Road Tester, club racer, airmiles millionaire.