Steve Parrish & Evel Knievel help better your riding!

Bedfordshire Councils road safety team have released an interactive 360-degree video to help highlight the importance of positioning and observation while riding.

The film puts the viewer in the position of the rider to help highlight key areas to observe while riding and is narrated by Steve Parrish. The interactive element of the clip allows the viewer to look around, either by scrolling around the clip, or via a VR headset.


The video is called ‘Evel on the roads” and challenges the viewer to look out for motorcycling legend Evel Knievel, who is placed at various points throughout the clip.

Talking to Road Safety GB, Parrish said “I have been a motorcyclist for 45 years now and if something like this is around to make people safer on the road then I am pleased to help. It’s really good and I might even learn something myself.”

It takes into account not only hazards, but road conditions too. With Parrish guiding the viewer through differing scenarios and challenging the viewer to look in particular areas of the interactive video.


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James Archibald

By James Archibald

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