The Bike Shed extends opening hours despite some local concerns

Published: 05 May 2017

The Bike Shed have extended their opening hours. Happy days. This means you can now visit the London venue until midnight.

That's a whole extra hour to talk about bikes, look at bikes, have a bacon sarnie and maybe even get a haircut.

However, some locals and Hackney Council had a few words to add about the extension.

Nice vibe brewing in the Bike Shed London lounge this evening. #bikeshedlondon

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It wasn’t as simple as just getting their license updated, with some complaints from local residents regarding the amount of noise that the bikes make and concerns for a rise in anti-social behaviour.

A licensing officer from Hackney Council had also expressed concern, stating that the application should be refused unless the Shed could demonstrate “exceptional reasons” to be granted the extension, because Shoreditch has been designated a Special Police Area (SPA)

The SPA came from the large number of licensed premises in the area, creating a negative impact in the local vicinity.

Bike Shed owner, Dutch Van Someren has argued this negative claim, pointing out that the police have only been called to the premises twice in the past year, and that these incidents were due to motorcycle thefts, not anti-social behaviour. He also highlighted that the average licensed venue gets 100 callouts a year.

Despite some concern from locals, The Shed, open to everybody with only members for late night affairs, got the license updated.

You can find out how to become a member of the Bike Shed at their website.

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