BrakeFree promises to boost your visibility

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New LED light system BrakeFree is claimed to be the first high visibility accessory for motorcycle helmets with wireless brake detection technology and it promises to boost your visibility, with the makers currently seeking backers on crowdfunding website IndieGoGo.

The unit attaches to the back of your helmet via a magnetic mount and uses an accelerometer and gyroscopic sensors to detect when you're slowing down, regardless of whether you're using the brakes or have just released the throttle. Much like a normal rear light, the LEDs used in the BrakeFree remain on at all times, growing brighter when the unit detects deceleration. If the system detects you're performing an emergency stop the light flashes to warn motorists.


The BrakeFree system has a battery life of eight hours, and can be fully charged in two hours via a micro USB cable. The system features 100 LEDs, which the firm say are visible through 120º.

BrakeFree set a crowdfunding goal of $50,000 (£38,645), but have already doubled that with 18 days left to run of the campaign.

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