Children banned from motorcycles in Philippines

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Small children are now banned from riding pillion on motorcycles in the Philippines unless they can reach the foot pegs, reach their arms around the rider and wear a helmet.

As in many countries in the far east, it was a common sight to see motorcycles and scooters used as family transport carrying more than two people at once, and often without helmets, but the new law also limits the number of people allowed on a motorcycle to two.


Riders caught disobeying the law will be fined 3000 PHP (£46.42). This fine increases to 5000 PHP (£77.39) the second time they are caught, and 10,000 PHP (£154.87) plus a one month ban for the third time. Should riders be caught again they will have their licence revoked.

The Department of Transport in the Philippines believes the new law will help ensure the safety of passengers, although some have described the move as 'anti-poor' with scooters often serving as transport for the entire family due to their low price.

But Cebu Governor Hilario Davide III said it is not anti-poor because its objective is specifically to ensure road safety. The governor said he understands the situation of the poor people, who are forced to let their children ride the motorcycles even if they know it's very risky due to the absence of public transport.


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