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Jens Vom Brauck of JvB-moto was one of the many who brought something special to the table for the Bike Shed show with his latest creation, this R NineT that was commissioned as a promotional bike for BMW Motorrad.

Now, when customising a machine, there’s a good level of finishing, and then there’s the JvB level of finishing. Everything on the bike looks like it’s just come off a production line, with the slight exception that everything done to the bike is completely bespoke.


“I wanted to create a slimline minimalist version of the NineT Scrambler and build a really small bike with a very big engine,” Jens said.

The bike takes on a host of new parts that were designed and made specifically as one-off items for the machine. 

The rear subframe was modified to make the lines of the bike flow better and also accommodates a new seat unit. The airbox was heavily modified but not lost, “I wanted to keep the airbox, to be able to register the bike legally in Germany.”

The electrical system was heavily modified and the ABS system relocated. The Arrow exhaust system was also modified, with both the manifold and silencer getting treatment.

The bike has also been dressed with a set of carbon fibre wheels with a custom alloy front mudguard that goes well with the carbon sidecovers, the headlight comes from JvB’s range.

The alloy fuel tank proved to be the trickiest aspect of the build, “It has only 10litres capacity, but it is a lot slimmer and it is also 6 cm shorter than original, which gives a very different riding and feel of the bike as the riding position is moved forward.”

However tricky it might have been though, this R NineT is finished beautifully and is a real testament to the quality of the machines that roll out of the JvB workshop.

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James Archibald

By James Archibald

Former MCN Junior Web Producer