#ride5000miles ‘Joining R5K has improved our lives’

Why you should sign up to our #ride5000miles challenge

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With the riding season underway, there is still time to join our #ride5000miles challenge. Thousands of British bikers are already members of our online community.

“It’s been great fun so far,” says MCN’s Matt Wildee. “A motorcycle is an awesome thing, but we’re all under pressure to do lots other things with our time. The annual mileage for most is about 3000 miles and this is all about making a point of using the bike more.

“The best thing about it is how people have come together. Members have been using our Facebook group to share great routes and places to ride, pics and hook up with others. There isn’t anywhere else like it online.”


MCN readers on how signing up improves their biking

‘My commuting days are over, but it’s good to be back out there enjoying the freedom that biking is all about’
Daniel Storey 

 ‘I’ve really enjoyed it so far. It’s encouraged me to go out to places I’ve never been before, and it’s also encouraged my wife to come with me’
Paul Nicholson

‘A consequence of having a target like this I’m riding when I wouldn’t normally have, which is improving my riding and increasing my skills’ 
Julian Geraghty

‘As a new biker, it’s great. I’m learning lots, and it gives me ideas of where I can go. I’ve met up with others in this group, too. It’s an extended biker family and makes a pleasant change to other biker groups’
Sally Weighill 

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