Shed built: "This is the best and final iteration of the bike"

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Now, when building bikes, there are two approaches you can take; bolt a load of pieces on and do a few bits and bobs here and there, or do it as Charlie Green has and give it the full works.

Aa a student studying for a master’s degree in mechanical engineering and has also previously worked for Triumph so, Charlie is pretty clued up when it comes to working with motorcycles.


A drunken conversation one night led to the whim purchase of a basket case CB250, picked up for the sum of £800, with the shock of the purchase coming as a surprise when he awoke the next morning! 

The bike has seen multiple incarnations, with Charlie not seemingly happy with the machine until now “The bike has been ‘rebuilt’ and redesigned around 3 times, but this is the best and final iteration. 

The frame was stripped down and the entire thing was seam welded, with additional triangular braces added to stiffen it up.

Everything on the bike was created by hand as there were limited tools available to use, “poor I know for an engineering student, but it was in temporary accommodation so no room or money for proper tools.”

“The engine was rebuilt a couple of times in the end, with a clutch cover transfer piece mod to increase oil flow to the top end which is a weakness on these machines.”

Minor porting and a 1mm overbore completed the motor, with a set of velocity stacks feeding it.

The tank came from a CB500 and was painted by Charlie, along with the bodywork in a “cold and miserable garage.” The finish and detailing of this bike is brilliant, there is plenty of love and lessons that have been born from this machine and it shows off the passion that Charlie has for engineering. 

“I've had some nice compliments paid to me by some close people, and I am extremely proud of what I have created, despite its rough edges and I'm hoping this can be the first of many builds.” We do too.

If you have your own shed-built bike then we want to hear from you. Email our Web Producer James with some images and a bit about your project to

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