Rider pleads guilty to riding at 135mph

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A rider has been banned from driving for 20 months and sentenced to 200-hours unpaid work after pleading guilty to riding at a speed of 135mph on May 30 of last year.

Offshore oil worker, Louis Rozier was initially charged for driving dangerously at 157mph when he was caught by a mobile speed camera unit that was parked in a lay-by on the A9 near Kildary.


Rozier had reached 100mph inn under 5 seconds aboard a Yamaha that he was test riding at dusk on a Monday evening last May, the court heard.

He was told by Sheriff Olga Pasportnikov that he had risked his life riding at high speed.

Rozier avoided a custodial sentence, accepting that he needed to be punished, but not in a destructive way. Claiming that a custodial sentence would make him lose his job and have a devastating on-going effect on his family.

The original charge of 157mph was set to be challenged regarding the accuracy of the police speed check before Rozier pleaded guilty to riding at 135mph.

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