Bandit-priced Speed Triple anyone?

Hardcore Brit naked could be yours for the same price as a Suzuki Bandit

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It’s interesting to note that early Speed Triple prices have descended into Cheap Hack territory. I never thought I’d see that happen.

There’s a sort of dead-zone and it’s the 955 Triumphs that are stranded in it. A 955 Speed has got to be something pretty special to fetch beyond £1500, which is pretty much Suzuki Bandit money.  


I’m looking at an ad for a 2001 model, with just 23,000 miles on it, that didn’t break through £1500. OK, so the colour was what Triumph call Nuclear Red and everybody else called ‘puked claret’, or just pink, and had at one time been a Cat C write off, but even so. The lime green colour puts some off too.

Going by this, the older ones must be even cheaper, right? Wrong. The original Speed Triples, with Triumph’s first 885cc engine, are still fetching two grand, or more for a really good one. 

Dated and heavy they may be, but Triumph got the styling on these just right and even the 750s (built as a batch to use up surplus 750cc engines after Triumph killed off the other 750s) are rock-solid investments.  

You need to watch out for fakes though, because there are dressed-up Tridents out there.

As for newer ones, the 1050cc bikes are in a different price league. I know they’re a leap ahead of the old 955s, but there wasn’t much wrong with the older model. 

The 1050 is appreciably better in every aspect, and prices are roughly double what you’ll pay for a 955 if you select bikes the same number of years into the model development. 

Ideally, you want a 2011-on model with the new frame, but don’t overlook the earlier ones: how about a 2005 bike with just two owners and 8000 miles, for under £3000?

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Neil Murray

By Neil Murray

MCN Used Bike Expert