American man to attempt longest no-handed ride

American Phil Comar will attempt to ride 680 miles on his Harley-Davidson without using his hands, all to raise money for research into Parkinson’s disease.


This isn’t the first time Comar has gone for a rather long ride without using his hands, last year he rode 588 miles. “Sometimes I get mouths open and they can’t believe what they’re seeing,” said Comar. “You can see them slow down, and pretty soon they’re riding beside me. Videotaping it on their phone or their camera, whatever they’ve got with him.”

The ride is also to honour Comar’s father, who passed away in 2008 due to Parkninson’s disease: “My father and I used to talk about long distance, no hand riding, before he passed,” said Comar. “Over the years we’ve raised over $26,000. I watched him over the years diminish in his capacity, and the one thing I remember is that he just wouldn’t give up. You are helpless at that time. I couldn’t change any of that, but I hope I can change someone else’s situation.”

You can donate money to Comar’s cause here.

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Liam Marsden

By Liam Marsden

Former MCN Web Producer