Suzuki GT750: 'Luxurious, heavy and refined'

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‘It sounded so innocent at low rpm’ Richard Lindoe, 1970s two-stroke expert

“The Kettle was released at a time when the other Japanese manufactures were making big capacity two-strokes and it was luxurious, heavy and refined. On the standard three-into-four exhaust system it sounds so docile at low rpm. Compared to air-cooled machines, the water jacket quietens things down, too. What you get is pure engine tone, not diluted by a piston thrashing up and down.

“They were very torquey and relaxed, but they make great specials too – add modern front-ends, wheels and swingarms, plus you can tune the engines from 67bhp to 105bhp if you want. There is a lot of weight in the engine which you can’t get rid of, but I’ve even built one with an ally frame. People don’t quite know what to make of the carbon wheels, either!”

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Richard Lindoe

By Richard Lindoe