101 years old and still riding every day!

Published: 13 September 2017

You may have stumbled across the 100 Year Old Driving School on ITV last night. If you did, you’ll have no doubt come across Jock, the 101 year old who still rides his scooter every day.

Have you ever got stuck behind an older driver that quite possibly should no longer be on the road? The 100 Year Old Driving School takes viewers on a journey with older drivers who are assessed by RoSPA instructors, and some of the habbits are just terrifying.


Jock on the other hand, gives a quite unique view of his riding. With an incredible 90 years of riding experience under his belt, he’s no stranger to motorcycles, but age can slow down reaction times and modern road and traffic conditions are drastically different to what would have been the norm in the first half of the 20th century.

“If the examiner says ‘no, you’re not safe,’ my first instinct would be to say ‘get stuffed and mind your own business,’ I’m going to carry on” Jock claimed in the documentary. “But I am so considerate to other people and their opinions, that I would take it on board and think very seriously if I should be driving.”

His assessor, Andrew Hodson – who at 28 is only just over a quarter of Jock’s age – wasn’t sure what to expect, saying: “It’s a new experience for myself, I’ve not tested or instructed anyone with an age in three figures before.”

The resulting ride is admirable, proving that there’s still plenty of life in Jock yet. For a chap of 101 years, he’s surprisingly spritely! It has to be wondered if his years on two wheels have kept him young. His riding is still okay, and Jock passed his assessment with just a few things to work on, such as his head-on approach to speed bumps and forgetting to turn his indicators off. But still, what a legend! 

It's more than can be said for some of the other drivers on the programme, which sees some very questionable driving, with many not knowing anything at all about the highway code.

There are more than 200 drivers over the age of 100 still on the roads in the UK. Over the age of 70, motorists must re-apply for a driving licence through the post, but they’re not automatically re-tested. 

The 100 Year Old Driving School is a three-part series, with the other two episodes showing on 19 and 26 September at 9pm. You can watch Jock in the first episode on the ITV player here.

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