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Alan Cross, a veterinary orthopedic surgeon in Atlanta, has spent the last nine months building this pretty awesome looking electric bike in his spare time, and now he's put it up for sale.

The bike, which Cross has named the ExoDyne, is powered by 48 individual lithium-ion batteries, and an 11kW motor in the rear hub, which pushes the bike to an impressive top speed of 60mph. Unfortunately you can't have too much fun on the ExoDyne though as the range is just 20 miles.


Cross used a pair of front forks from a Suzuki RMZ250, and the rear shock from an RM125. Braking at the front is courtesy of Brembo, while the rear brake is also off another Suzuki.

Looking at how well built the bike seems to be, you might not be surprised to learn that Cross has an engineering degree. The only thing he didn't do himself was the powdercoating and seat upholstery. The bike even features carbon fibre panels, which keeps the weight of the bike down to a respectable 113kg.

Perhaps the craziest part of this build is the fact that the bike is now up for sale, without an asking price, so Cross can fund his next project. If you want a truly unique bike, you know where to go.

If all electric bikes looked this cool then there may be any problem getting people to go electric.

If you want an electric bike equally at home in the urban jungle, but that you can actually buy, British firm Super Soco have an electric bike you can buy right now for just £2349. It's a little bit slower, with a top speed of just 28mph, but the range is double that of the ExoDyne at 40 miles.


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