Video: KTM traction control explained

Austrian manufacturer KTM have released a video on Youtube showing how their advance traction control works when compared to motorcycles without the system fitted.

KTM’s motorcycles come fitted with some of the most sophisticated electronics available in the two-wheel market thanks to German electronics specialist Bosch. The video above shows just how much difference the latest traction control makes in poor conditions when trying to accelerate hard.


In a straight line the modern KTM is able to pull away form the line cleanly, while the older KTM is left struggling as the rear wheel spins haplessly.

Perhaps more impressive is just how well the system works in the corners. KTM’s test rider gives the bike full throttle while leant over, and the electronics keep everything in line and fire the bike out of the corner impressively. In comparison the KTM without traction control struggles, and tries to spit the rider off.

What did we get from this video? KTM’s traction control is good, and their test riders are extremely skilled and very brave.

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Liam Marsden

By Liam Marsden

Former MCN Web Producer