No MoT for bikes over 40 years old from May 2018

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From May 2018, vehicles over 40 years old will be exempt from MoT tests, with the theory being that vehicles of such aged are used rarely and are well cared for by their owners.

Currently vehicles made before 1960 do not require an MoT, but the new regulations mean you will be able to own a bike built as recently as 1978 without the need for an MoT every year. The Department for Transport estimate that it will mean an additional 293,000 UK cars and motorcycles will no longer need an MoT. 


It will remain the responsibility of the owner to ensure the roadworthiness of their vehicle, although the DfT stated: "Those owners who feel an annual check is needed will be able to submit their vehicles for a voluntary MOT."

That means you'll be able to own such legendary bikes as the Kawasaki Z1, which was introduced in 1972, BMW R100 and the six-cylinder Honda CBX.

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