Renthal recalls clip-ons due to cracking risk

The recall covers up to 10,000 clips-ons worldwide due to the risk the clamp could crack with the potential for loss of control

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Renthal have issued a worldwide recall for their Gen 1 and Gen 2 clip-ons due to the risk that they may develop stress corrosion cracking and subsequently fail. So far, Renthal say they have had 22 reports of failures from over 10,000 sold (5000 in the UK) but no injuries. Owners are told to stop riding immediately and return the clip-ons (both clamp and tube) to Renthal and they will be issued with an updated product plus a free pair of Renthal grips. Renthal are keen to point out that even the clip-ons present no signs of cracking or corrosion, they should still be returned.


Renthal insist this problem is isolated to the material used in these specific products. No other Renthal product is made from the specific aluminium alloy used in the Gen 1 and Gen 2 clip-ons and as such no other Renthal products are affected by this recall now, nor are they at risk of developing the fault in the future.

If you believe you may have a Gen 1 or Gen 2 clip-on, head over to where there is information on identifying whether your clip-ons are affected and how to return them. Renthal say they have built up a considerable stock for replacements and are aiming to return replacements within a few days.

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