Essex Police defend stinger use on bikers

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Essex Police have defended their use of a stinger during a motorcycle rally in Southend, after a video emerged online and the officers received a mass of abuse.

Warning, this video contains strong language.

Chief Superintendent Rachel Nolan, who authorised the use of a stinger by officers to stop a dangerous driver at the unofficial running of the Southend Shakedown, then released a video on Essex police’s official Facebook page explaining why the force took the action and condemning the abusive online comments the officer in charge of the stinger has received.


As part of the defense, Nolan said the stinger was necessary and highlighted that two men at the event were charged with dangerous driving and had their motorcycle’s seized. She also pointed out that the stinger has been tested and deemed safe to use on a motorcycle.

“Many of those who take part in the Southend Shakedown are genuine enthusiasts who, like us, just want everyone to have a great time and to be safe,” Nolan said. “However we were mindful of incidents at previous motorcycle events in Essex and elsewhere in the country, whereby highly dangerous driving and riding has put people at risk. We took a decision to use a ‘stinger’ device at the event after someone in control of a motorcycle ignored an order to stop so children could cross a road. The use of the tactic was authorised by commanders running our response to the event.


“We don’t expect everyone to agree with what we’ve done but we ask kindly that people who do want to disagree do it politely without resorting to Fs and Cs please.”

The Southend Shakedown was previously organised by the Ace Café, however they stopped organising it two years ago due to rising policing costs.


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