The UK’s top ten most dangerous roads revealed

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The sun is out, the roads are dry and the biking season is now well underway. However if you are about to pop out for a blast, it may be worth checking to see if your favourite route is on the list below. And if it is – take extra care!

Motorcycle finance company Moneybarn has compiled a list of the UK’s top ten most dangerous roads calculated on the length of the road, volume of traffic and percentage of accidents involving motorcycles. And it makes interesting reading…


Leading the way (somewhat unsurprisingly) is the A537 ‘Cat and Fiddle,’ which sees 67% of accidents on it involving motorcycles, giving it an Overall Risk Rating of 203.5 using the EuroRAP system that takes into account interaction of road users, vehicles and road environment to score a road.


Top ten most dangerous roads in the UK:

  1. A537 ‘Cat and Fiddle’ in Derbyshire/Cheshire
  2. A18 in South Yorkshire/Lincolnshire
  3. A588 in Lancashire
  4. A254 in East Kent
  5. A3055 on the Isle of Wight
  6. A32 in Hampshire
  7. A21 in London/Kent
  8. A259 in Kent/Hampshire
  9. A4 in Bristol
  10. A6 in Bedfordshire/Cumbria


According to Moneybarn’s research, riders are six times more likely to crash on an A-road than on a motorway due to overtaking, unprotected embankments and deceptive bends. In addition, the most common cause of motorcycle accident are a loss of control (16%) and a failure to look properly ahead (16%).

So take care out there – especially if you are riding on any of the roads listed above!


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Jon Urry

By Jon Urry

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