Video: Watch the trailer for Studio Kippenberger's Isle of Man TT film

Isle of Man TT is a new short film you can watch on YouTube. It won gold at the London Motor Film Festival for best event coverage and offers some great behind the scenes access to the people behind the iconic race.


The film is also a pilot for an ongoing series which is currently in development from Studio Kippenberger.

MCN fired a few questions at the film’s creator, Chris Kippenberger:

What attracted you to the Isle of Man for this film?

“I liked the life and death aspect of the TT. Also, aside from the Monster drink affiliation it has a pretty bullshit-free approach to motorsports.”

What was the most challenging part of making it?

“We were on an extremely small budget and only had two days to get on the island and shoot the piece. Meanwhile, flying in a team of three from separate continents felt like a sort of assassination mission.”

Do you ride yourself?

“No, I would end up killing myself since I am a speed addict.”

What is the general perception of the IOM TT outside the UK?

“It’s such a hard task doing that race justice in words or images/moving images. I believe as film makers our duty lies in honouring those who ride it and anyone interested needs figure out the rest for themselves.

“All we could do is a snap shot focusing on some of the people risking their lives year after year. It’s so hard to put it into words how nuts it is to survive one lap, let alone someone coming back for 10 years and winning it. They are real life super heroes.”

If you liked the trailer, head to Chris’ YouTube channel to watch the full-length version.