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Video game makers use biking as force for good

Published: 08 February 2018

Last November, Indian announced that they had been working with computer-game manufacturer Activision to model the Scout 741B, as used by the US Army, into the game Call of Duty: WWII. As well as featuring in the game, Indian also produced five special-edition commemorative bikes built on 2018 Scout Sixtys.

The 741B Call of Dutyedition Scouts all have periodcorrect olive-drab paint, weathered leather components and various military-esque accessories to offer a modern take on the original. Now Activision have announced they will use the special-edition Scout to raise money for veterans in the UK.

Since 2009, Activision have operated the Call of Duty Endowment programme, with the goal of using their proceeds to help veterans find work. They had the initial goal of placing 25,000 in jobs by the end of 2018, but after meeting their goal two years early, they revised it to placing 50,000 vets by 2019.

In their expansion of the program to the UK, Activision have selected two charities to receive their support: The Forces Employment Charity and Walking With the Wounded. To help raise money, Activision intend to auction one of the special-edition Indian Scouts in the near future.

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