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Think of Harley-Davidson’s Fat Bob and you imagine it on some mammoth cruise up a long American highway, riding off into the sunset.

But try telling that to flat track rider Grant Martin who borrowed one from Maidstone Harley-Davidson to give it a good thrash in the mud.


“At the start of the day I was a little bit nervous about jumping on the Fat Bob and taking it straight to the dirt,” said Grant. “I rolled around the track a few times to get accustomed to the controls but in typical Harley fashion, they are really neat and simple so this didn't take long.

"With this out the way, the fun really began and to be honest, I never dreamt a bike this big would put up with what we did on it. Somehow, Harley have put together a 300kg motorcycle that feels nimble enough to throw around like a toy. We used the bigger 114 cubic inch model of the Fat Bob and it had super smooth power delivery and pulls like a dream."

Impressively, the Harley was pretty much in road trim. Grant said: "The bike, except the awesome sounding RaceFit exhaust, was completely stock, including the tyres!” 

It looks like he had a pretty good time throwing it through the dirt too, despite the 1868cc lard-arsed monster looking like it wants to power straight through those jumps as opposed to going over them. 

Respect to Grant for slinging it in the mud, we doubt he’ll end up racing one in the Hooligan dirt track series though…

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James Archibald

By James Archibald

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