New year's resolutions

Got a headache? Of course you have, it's the first day of 2018, so you probably spent the last few hours of 2017 getting sloshed. So, what better time than now to list how you're going to be a better person - or a better motorcyclist at least - in 2018.

Ride more

This might be something that you've promised yourself before, but life gets in the way. Luckily, this year we're once again running our #Ride5000miles campaign, so it's easier than ever for your to stay motivated when it comes to covering the miles. There's a great Facebook group, which those that have been taking part use to organise rides and for route ideas.

Maybe 5000 miles is a little optimistic for you. That's ok - maybe aim to ride at least once a week, or every weekend. The more you're out on the bike, the happier you'll be.

Learn a new skill

It doesn't matter how often you ride, or how recently you passed your test, there is always something new to learn. Just because you cover 10,000 miles a year on the road doesn't mean you know everything. There's whole other aspects of motorcyling out there. How about trials riding? Trials instructor Stuart Day reckons everybody - no matter their skill level - could learn something from trials. There's enduro riding, flat track riding, and wheelie schools.

Of course, not all new skills have to be about riding a bike. You could take that mechanics course at the local college, or learn how to weld.

Do that trip

Big trips are great, aren't they? There's nothing better than getting away from it all for a while and doing it on two wheels. It doesn't have to be a huge trip that takes up weks of your life, it could just be hat blast up to a certain part of Scotland, or a quick trip to the continent for some European food.

Whatever it is, start organising it now, and you can spend the early part of this year getting excited for it.

Finish that project

You know what I mean, that engine and frame that's been sitting in the corner of the garage under some old curtains for the past few years. The thing the cats always seem to be sitting on when you go in to the garage. Now's the time to start thinking about what needs to be dome to get it back on the road, or to turn it into that cool show bike you envisioned all those years ago.

Or you could just sell it and leave it to somebody else.

Go to a big event

There are hundreds, if not thousands of bike events in the UK alone, and countless more if you want to venture further afield. Such a huge number of events means you're bound to find one that's to whatever your particular tastes are. There's nothing like sharing your hobby with hundreds of other peopler all enjoying themselves.

Introduce more people to bikes

Biking is awesome, you know that. It's why you're here. But not everybody has had the chance to love biking. We've all got friends and relatives who say they'd love to ride a bike but it's too dangerous. How about you taken them for a spin down a quiet road? You never know, they might get hooked. And if they do, you've got a new riding buddy.

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