9 of the best apps for motorbike riders

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Most of us have a smartphone of some description by now, but are you using yours to its full motorbike-related potential? Here’s a list of 9 useful apps to consider if you're a biker.

EatSleepRIDE – Tracking, social and safety

This one sort of does everything. Discover rides, track yourself doing them, see all your data including (route, speed and lean angle) and then upload it to share with everyone else.

Aside from all of that, they also offer their Crashlight service which detects an accident and automatically alerts a chosen person with your location.

Waze – GPS

Any road user can make use of Waze, the community-based traffic and navigation system. The routes update in real time according to information provided by other users. It allows you to live-track other users you know, which can be handy on group rides, and even guides you to the cheapest fuel stations.

Kappa App – Social and tracking

No, not the tracksuit you used to wear in the ‘90s, the aftermarket off-road specialists. Their social app has an emphasis on adventure and users can post their adventurous efforts to be rated by everyone else.

BBC Weather – Weather

Nothing will spoil your ride faster than an unexpected deluge half-way round. If you haven’t got a weather app yet you should get one, none are infallible but the BBC is pretty good.

Autoist – Diary

Keep track of all your servicing, mileages, finance payments, MOT, tax and even fuel costs with this handy little app. You can even scan in documents like your finance agreement r insurance certificate so they’re all in one place. We’re not saying it will make admin fun, but it definitely makes it easier.

Riser – Tracking, social, weather, planner

Like EatSleepRIDE, Riser attempts to be a one-stop solution to all your biking app needs. Track and share your trips to friends and add photos along the way. Check your stats with customised charts, even check the weather before you set off.

Rever – Social, tracking and planning

Another version of the social ride tracker formula, Rever has offline mapping for tracking without a phone signal and an easy to use readout while you’re on the move.

Best Biking Roads – Planner

Great app for discovering new routes near you. Why not get off the roads you normally ride and discover something new?

Google maps – Planning and navigation (and tracking sort of)

If you’ve got an Android device, Google maps will have probably come pre-loaded. It may seem obvious, but it’s a great (and completely free) service. Live traffic updates, estimated arrival and gpx file uploads without spending a penny. If you’ve got a google account, you can even log in and see your tracked timeline (although you will be entirely freaked out the first time you do it).

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