Bikers make the safest road users

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Insurance broker Carole Nash has found that drivers who also hold a bike licence make fewer claims than those who don’t.

Their three-year study revealed that drivers without a bike licence not only made 11% more claims, but that the average value of their claim was higher too.

The findings have led to the creation of the Drive Like a Biker website, which offers riders savings of up to £89 on their car insurance.

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Rebecca Donohue, Head of Marketing at Carole Nash, said:

“Statistically speaking, we’ve found that drivers who also ride motorcycles are less likely to have accidents that result in an insurance claim, so we wanted to reward this safety and really shout about it.

“To us, driving like a biker means having a knowledge of the road, preparing for your journey and being safe and aware while driving. So, has been launched to encourage people to drive like one of the safest groups of road users.”

This isn’t the first research of its kind conducted by Carole Nash. Previous studies showed 16% of car drivers failed a re-test of their driving theory, whereas just 6% of bikers did not pass; and two-thirds of motorcycle riders correctly identified the sign for the end of a dual carriageway, compared to just over a third of car users.

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