360-degree vision for your motorbike

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Israeli tech start-up, Ride Vision, has announced a camera-based system which allows your bike to warn you of impending crashes before they happen.

Software interprets the images from cameras placed around the bike and alerts riders to possible danger with a flashing light.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) have generally focused on vehicles of the four-wheeled variety so far, but Ride Vision’s Collision Aversion Technology (CAT) software is aiming to change that with the announcement of a $2.5m (around £1.9m) seed funding round.

Uri Lavi, co-founder and CEO of Ride Vision, said on the company’s website:

“The challenge has been technological. It’s technically challenging to provide any technology solution that adds cost, space or weight, or that requires multiple points of vision…. to a single, narrow motorcycle.

“We know that motorcycles are unique vehicles and demand unique solutions. We understand that motorcycles’ road behaviour and threats analysis is different than cars. We maintain the importance of motorcycles simplicity while augmenting it with the Predictive Vision. We empower riders with additional safety instruments while extending seamlessly footage capturing & telematics derivation that are simply awesome, especially for the avid rider.”

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