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Honda unveils new Super Cub C125

Published: 28 June 2018

Honda have unveiled their new Super Cub C125, the largest capacity version of the all-conquering Cub family.

Over 100 million Super Cubs have been built by Honda in the model’s 60-year history; nose-to-tail, that's enough to circumnavigate the earth five times.

This latest version is instantly recognisable as a Cub thanks to its classic styling and has other familiar features like an automatic, centrifugal clutch.

The bike is brought right up to date with LED lighting, longer-travel suspension, and Smartkey technology.

“We know our customers, male or female, take their personal style seriously and we want our new Super Cub C125 to enrich their lifestyle," said Mr Tadamasa Maeda, Large Project Leader for the Super Cub C125.

“Its timeless design expresses value and universality, and we have added a new level of performance to the engine and handling ability to the chassis.

“Just like it was for our founder, our biggest joy is to play a positive part in daily life – and also put a big smile on the face of every Super Cub owner whenever and wherever they ride it.”

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