Exclusive spy shots: Brough cleans up its act

New Euro4-friendly SS100 brought bang up to date.

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When George Brough built his first SS100 in 1924 with the intention of creating the ‘Rolls Royce of motorcycles’, he cannot have imagined a world of catalytic converters or anti-lock brakes but these spy shots suggest that’s exactly where the company is now heading.

Fat lot of good

Brough needed to make their bikes Euro4 compliant after being allowed to sell a small number of non-complaint bikes in 2017. These spy shots show Brough testing a new Euro4-compliant SS100. And there are some big changes clearly on show.

To meet tighter emissions regulations, the exhaust has got a little fatter to incorporate a new catalytic converter. The engine was new for the SS100 (designed by Akira who make Kawasaki’s WSB engines) and being both water-cooled and four-valve, it’s probably not needed much more work to get it through the tougher tests.

It will still produce a healthy 100bhp and a meaty 65ftlb of torque. MCN was impressed with the bike when it tested the original back in 2016. The engine isn’t the only part of the bike to get a refresh though.


Whoa there

The Euro4 standards also require manufacturers to put a bit of thought into stopping. As such all motorcycles over 125cc must have ABS but the current SS100 doesn’t.

However Brough are clearly testing an ABS unit on the new SS100 as sensor rings are plainly visible inside the brake discs. This will be no small feat for Brough, as their braking system is unique to the bike, as is the front suspension. So it’s unlikely that they will have just bought in a standard system from Bosch like most other major manufacturers.

The addition of sensor rings on the wheels also opens up the possibility of fitting the SS100 with a traction control system, as the hardware is very similar. Whatever Brough’s intention with the future of the striking model, this development confirms the commitment to producing new bikes such as this and the new Pendine Racer (see story below).

We spoke to Brough, who produce bikes from their factory in France, about the bike and they confirmed they are working on a new model, with the intention to have it finished and in dealers by January 2019.

The new version is expected to cost around £50,000, but no official price has yet been confirmed.

Brough get ready to roar

Brough unveiled the new Pendine model last year. The Pendine shares the same engine as the SS100 but it’s a more modern and aggressive restyling of the classic bike, so the tank has been ‘de- strapped’. It’s also got a new seat unit, a cheeky nose cowl to duck behind when gunning it and of course, a pair of fabulous slash cut exhausts.

The Pendine also has a new swingarm with a direct mount monoshock with a 19in front whell and an 18in rear, with Michelin Anakee off-road tyres. We’ll be attending the official launch of the Pendine shortly, with a first test planned this Spring. Brough are aiming to have the £58,000 Pendine on sale in September.

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