Video: How to travel the world like Elspeth Beard

For Elspeth Beard travelling around the world via motorcycle in 1982 was a much different experience to what might be perceived by others nowadays.

The first British woman to travel the world by motorcycle, Elspeth, allowed MCN to visit her home last year to talk us through the highs and lows of the biggest trip of her life.

Imagine physical maps for certain countries didn't exist, let alone Google Maps!

How and why Elspeth Beard travelled the world?

Elspeth moved closer to her big two-year trip when she first met her brother, Tom, in Los Angeles in 1980. The pair bought a BMW 75/5 and travelled across the east coast.

It was then in June 1982 that Elspeth decided she was going to ride her bike around the world. She had never intended or even knew she was going to become the first British woman to take on such a trip. Simply put, it was a thirst for travel, the need to escape and knowing there was never a “right time” to live your adventure that fuelled her. 

Over 30 years later Elspeth released a book about her travels, Lone Rider, which you can purchase on Amazon now.

Watch part 1 and part 2 of our interview with Elspeth on YouTube. 

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