Rough Crafts create custom Royal Enfield Continental GT

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Taiwanese motorcycle custom house, Rough Crafts, have created a special edition Royal Enfield Continental GT in tribute to classic race bike design.

The bespoke machine draws inspiration from bulbous endurance racers from the 1980s and offers a modern twist by shrinking the proportions of the bike’s front fairing and tail section to be more in keeping with contemporary design. 

These older machines often incorporated a one-piece fairing and in order to achieve the same look in a smaller package, designer Winston Yeh was forced to separate the feature into two sections, with the front moving with the bike’s steering.

When returned to a straight line, the continuous line of the gorgeous carbon fairing then creates the illusion of one solid piece. Alongside this, the tank has also been lengthened using 3D printing, before being moulded into fiberglass and then eventually wrapped in carbon fibre.

Winston Yeh talks through the bike at Eicma

Built over three months after three months of planning, the bike also features modern touches like upside down Ohlins forks, radial calipers and a set of custom made lightweight BST carbon fibre rims – built specifically for this machine. 

“I have no complaints about it, I think it looks f*****g amazing,” Yeh told MCN. “I think I executed my idea really well. Royal Enfield actually flew to Taiwan to shoot a video of the bike and it looks amazing.

“The coolest part of this bike is the crankcase and so I tried to hide a little bit of the engine head to accentuate it. The exhausts also wrap around it to highlight it further.”

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