Krazy Horse release road-legal flat track Indian Scout kit

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Flat track racing is the latest craze storming the nation and Krazy Horse, bike dealers and customisers in Bury St. Edmonds, have been campaigning a fleet of modified Indian Scouts in the national DTRA Hooligan series. After overwhelming interest, they’ve now developed a road-going version of their race bikes that you can buy yourself.


The Street Hooligan kit builds on a standard Scout or Scout Sixty (the bike is essentially the same, bar the engine size) with a variety of dress up and performance parts. The standard kit consists of the stunning handmade 2-into-1 exhaust with Power-Vision ECU remap, CNC machined billet-alloy mid-controls, flat-track seat and subframe, brake light, indicators, front fork brake and, for the true dirt track look, a pair of hand built 19” wheels with Talon billet hubs. That little lot adds up to £4995 but if you want to get serious, like the bike in the photos, you can go even further.

Ohlins cartridges can be fitted to the front shocks

For a start you can have Ohlins cartridges fitted to the front forks along with a pair of piggyback shocks on the rear. Krazy Horse can also supply the numberboard style front lights, a chain drive conversion, high performance air-filter kit, flat track handlebar risers, a radiator guard and KH’s own ‘Ridin’ Sideways’ wider front yokes. Each of those items is available individually, so you can tailor your own bike, or as a full kit (like the bike pictured). Hell you can even have a full-spec race bike if you really want but why would you want that when the Street Hooligan is so good?

Krazy Horse can also supply a numberboard style headlight conversion

Even at idle the pipes sound mean but with a wide open throttle, the snarls from the big twin could wake the dead. An intoxicating symphony of fuel and fire. Even if you don’t fancy the flat track style of the bike, if you own a Scout stop messing about and buy this exhaust. If you do fancy it, you’ll be delighted to know the rest is just as good.

With the throttle open, the upgraded exhaust could wake the dead

Even on a short spin, the new riding position completely alters the feel of the bike and modern sporty bike riders would feel instantly at home. The 19” wheels give the bike extra stability, without dulling the performance. It’s such a delightful thing to ride it’s almost a shame Indian’s own FTR1200 comes out so soon, but for those in the know the Street Hooligan will always be that bit more special.

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