London to Beijing, 13,000 miles by motorcycle

GlobeBusters at the Ace Cafe Beijing
GlobeBusters at the Ace Cafe Beijing

Adventure touring experts GlobeBusters have arrived at Ace Café Beijing at the end of their largest-ever ride all the way from the Café’s spiritual home in London.

The 18-strong riding party arrived in the Chinese capital on Saturday, July 13 after setting off on Saturday, April 20 for a distance of 13,000 miles.

Following the ancient Silk Road from Europe to China, the group manged to reach Everest Base Camp (5200m high), rode along the Afghan border, camped out in the Karakum Desert and explored the remote Pamir Highway and western provinces of Xinjiang and Tibet.

Ace Cafe Beijing

Dom Davis led the adventure aboard a Triumph Tiger 1200XCA, supported by team member Pete Leach in the support van and directors Kevin and Julia Sanders in the GlobeBusters pickup truck.

This level of support is necessary in order to carry spares for the bikes, as well as rescue any riders, should their machines become unrideable on tough terrain, or in remote areas. 

As well as riders from the UK, the adventuring troop comprised members from France, Sweden, America and Australia.

The GlobeBusters group in China

This is not the first time GlobeBusters have hosted such a trip, with previous expeditions including a 16,000-mile route from London to Tokyo in 2017, again taking in both the London and Beijing Ace Cafés.

The Ace to Ace trip will run again in 2021, but GlobeBusters have a number of other rides available in the near future, including a 12-day trip around Iceland starting on August 8 2020.

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