Special edition Mutt Super 6 is an L plate dream

Mutt Super 6 Roadster
Mutt Super 6 Roadster

Birmingham-based Mutt have made a name for themselves the last few years as the go to people for cool, small capacity machines.

To celebrate their successes (which include a launch in Japan as well as selling our their entire 2018 range), Mutt have now released the limited edition Super 6, which channels everything that has made their bikes so popular.

The beating heart of the little Super 6 is the same Suzuki GN125 derived motor that props up the vast majority of the range, however Mutt have done their own tinkering.

Mutt Super 6 Roadster

This means not only do these things sound bloody awesome, but the little air-cooled mill manages a respectable 11bhp in proper Euro4 trim. Paired to a five speed box, it has a top speed of 70mph.

Amazingly the Super 6 has two styles you can choose from – Roadster and Tracker. The vast majority of the trim is the same, they just have different tyres: Continental TKC80 Twin Duro knobblies for the Tracker and more road focused TKC70s for the Roadster.

Mutt Super 6 Tracker

Both bikes feature the bespoke quilted black seat, cut down brushed aluminium mudguards, tracker bars, mini speedo and sump guard as well as the centrepiece gloss black and raw steel tank.

Mutt are only making 30 of each model and at just £3495 you’ll have to get in quick to secure yourself one. However Mutt have said that this is only the first in a small range of special editions, so there should be a few more chances to grab something unique.

If you like the vibe but miss out completely, the RS-13 125 is also in the range offering a similar vibe, while the classic Mongrel can be had for just £2950.

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