Hookie, buy and tinker! Reversable custom 'Moto-Kit' for BMW R nineT

Hookie Co have developed an all-new kit for the BMW R nineT that turns it into a cool custom in just a few hours.

Founded in 2015, Hookie have been customising and modernising machines from their workshop in Germany but now they’ve turned their hand to something a bit more mass market – far cheaper than the £15,000+ for a full custom machine.

BMW RNineT Moto-Kit in carbon finish

The DIY Moto-Kit consists of a new fuel tank, subframe, seatpan, seat, electronics tray plus the signature Hookie cargo strap.

Designed for people short of time to customise the bike or without the skills to cut and weld bits, Hookie say the Moto-Kit can be installed by the average home mechanic with basic garage tools in just a couple of hours. To create the kit Hookie had to reassess the typical custom way of working, utilising CAD to make the kit easily repeatable.

To build the bike you only have to remove the fuel tank, fuel pump, stock air filter box, seat, subframe, mudguard, indicators and battery. That might sound like a lot but the key bit is that at any point, you can just remove the kit and bolt those bits back on without any damage to any of the parts or the bike itself. Neat huh?

Custom fuel tank on the BMW RNineT Moto-Kit

The biggest bit of the kit is the custom alloy fuel tank that Hookie have designed. It’s a little smaller than the stock one, at 11 litres, but Hookie say it’s still good for around 140 miles. It also uses the stock fuel pump and low fuel sender, so in use it’s no different. To go around the fuel tank Hookie have designed a carbon fibre cover, with four different paintschemes called Tricolor, Stealth, Track and Roam.

This bike has Hookie’s kit with a few extras including K&N air filter pods, an Arrow exhaust and new Hyperpro suspension that lowers the whole bike by 30mm for a more aggressive stance. The headlight has been swapped for a small LED bates light, while the indicators now come from Kellermann.

The kit, plus all the extras, are available direct from Germany. Find out more here.

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The BMW RNineT with Hookie Co Moto-Kit in Roam colourscheme

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