MAG calls for responses to City of London transport plans

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Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) are appealing for motorcyclists to respond to a City of London Transport Strategy Consultation, detailing plans to prioritise walkers within the Square Mile over all other modes of transport.

With plans including reallocating existing on-street car and motorcycle parking, not producing any additional spaces and creating fully pedestrianised streets, the plan is to reduce all motor traffic within the zone by 25% by 2030.


For those commuting into the city centre, this could be problematic, especially when combined with London’s incoming Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ), which will start in April this year and see a £12.50 per day charge on any non-Euro3 certified (pre-2007) bikes.

The full transport strategy can be viewed online, with the opportunity to share your views on the proposal available until January 13, when consultation closes.

MAG are keen for as many motorcyclists using the zone as possible to share their views, in order to help promote motorcycling in the area as a viable, congestion-reducing mode of transport.

Making your voice heard

Speaking exclusively with MCN earlier today, MAG’s Director of Campaigns and Political Engagement, Colin Brown, said: "The Motorcycle Action Group wants to ensure that there is no unnecessary impact on riders of motorcycles and scooters in the City, and indeed the whole country, as a result of ill-considered policies.

"We urge all riders to respond to the consultation and give their views. Consultations of this nature rarely get very many responses, so every response really does count and helps to inform policy makers.

"To be honest, policy makers are often poorly informed about issues that affect motorcyclists, so it is vital that the opportunity to educate and inform them is not missed," Brown explained.

These comments came after fellow MAG member and City of London commuter, Philip Hobden, contacted MCN to express his concerns with the plans.

Making streets safer

"I think the good thing is that motorcycling absolutely can play a positive role. The challenge is getting the politicians to wake up to it and bikers themselves to find a voice," he said.

In a document published in November 2018, Chairman of Planning and Transportation, Christopher Hayward, said: "In earlier consultations, members of the public shared their concerns about the lack of space and priority given to people walking, accessibility, motor traffic volumes, the safety of people cycling and air quality.

"Our proposals to address these concerns and rise to the challenge of a growing city include measures to make our streets safe, accessible and attractive places to walk, cycle and spend time. 

"This means changing the way our streets work, look and feel to make space for people while ensuring the vehicles that must be in the City can get to where they need to. A thriving business district will always need some deliveries and journeys to be made by motor vehicle."

Reducing the speed limit

Alongside reduced parking and increasingly stringent emissions regulations, the plan also sees an imposed 15mph speed limit by 2022, with the aim of encouraging safer streets with less collisions. 

Known as 'Vision Zero' the plan will look to reduce road deaths and serious injuries to nothing by 2040 inside the City.

Here, MAG’s Brown added: "With respect to 15mph speed limits and Vision Zero, MAG has serious concerns that the principles are fundamentally flawed and not only that they are internally inconsistent. 

"We cannot accept safety measures being introduced to encourage take up of active travel when these measures have an adverse impact on the safety of motorcyclists, or any other road user group for that matter."

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