First new Arch KRGT-1 models arrive in UK

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The ostentatious love child of Hollywood A-list bike addict Keanu Reeves, and respected bike builder Gard Hollinger, Arch Motorcycle have been quietly and diligently working away at their KRGT-1 for several years now.

But for UK buyers – who may have already seen it run the hill at Goodwood, or on display at Krazy Horse or the Bike Shed – the Arch has only just been made available to buy on British soil.

Availability and affordability aren’t the same thing though, and with a price tag for the standard KRGT-1 holding your bank balance to ransom to the tune of £90,000, it’ll be the privileged few who get to have the beautifully sculpted Arch ignition key at their disposal.

Arch KRGT-1 key

While the price tag might defy all obvious logic for a pared-back custom that’s light on electronics and which uses a raft of seemingly ‘off the shelf’ parts, including the 2032cc S&S V-twin engine – once you delve beneath the paintjob (which you can spec to any colour you fancy, of course), the pound signs begin to make sense.

At a distance, it’s easy to assume that it’s no more special than any range-topping production custom cruiser from the likes of Harley-Davidson or Indian, but it’s when you start to tally up the specially selected parts, and the completely bespoke engineering that you can see where your bank balance disappeared to.

From the incredible billet-hewn single piece seat unit and milled fuel tank to billet CNC’d engine castings, bespoke tuned Öhlins FGRT fork and shock, Arch spec’d S&S engine, super-fat BST carbon fibre wheels and Michelin Commander II rubber – that fat rear is an extreme 240/40 R18, by the way – to the special ISR 6-pot calipers and levers and that special key, it’s dripping with high-end parts royalty and hand-built quality.

Arch KRGT-1 exhaust

Ordering one is just as special. You don’t just walk into a dealership and say ‘I want that one’, the process is as bespoke as the bike. Arch have two bikes in the UK available for inspection and test rides.

Then, once you’ve been through all the myriad spec and finish options with the UK agent, you’ll then have a live-link meeting with the factory to sign off the details of your bike’s build, discuss any further options or suggested alterations – these guys are enthusiasts, not just salesmen – and only then will the factory will start your build. If you want to start the journey, head to the Arch website.

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Richard Newland

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