#Ride5000miles group reaches 10,000-member milestone

Trisha Waugh joined #ride5000miles as a novice
Trisha Waugh joined #ride5000miles as a novice

It’s been busy few weeks for MCN’s #Ride5000Miles Facebook group. Following its recent second birthday celebrations, the group has now passed the 10,000-follower milestone – and is still growing. So to mark this achievement we caught up with some of the group’s original members and biggest stalwarts.

Triumph Tiger 1050 Sport rider, Des Cooper, responded to one of the very first posts on the group in early 2017. “I joined #Ride5000miles because I thought it would be a great way to share biking experiences with like-minded bikers and get information and feedback on routes and trips from other bikers,” he said.

“I visit the page most days, have made comments and taken advice from other members.”

Riders at a #ride5000miles meet-up

Trisha Waugh joined as a novice rider and has made many friends all over the world through her daily posts – although initially she was a bit nervous about joining.

“At first I thought the challenge was a bit much at such a novice stage but then went ‘What the hell’ and was instantly greeted by warm, friendly and genuine people in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

“I check-in daily to see what’s new, who’s doing a fun ride or tour and what useful questions are being asked so I can learn and expand my knowledge.”

Being part of the group has inspired the Honda CBF600 owner to ride more. She rides throughout winter and goes on regular rideouts with other #R5Kers.

“I probably average 200 miles per week,” she continues. “I don’t commute by bike so it’s just fun miles. I’m planning mini tours round Britain and my first European tour in September which I’m only brave enough to do due to the R5K’s support and advice.”

Mike Britt also posts regularly about his exploits on both his Honda VFR800 and Suzuki GSX-R600. He goes on breakfast ride-outs and sees #R5K as one of the friendliest online bike communities.

“I stumbled on it by accident as it began. It had a nice vibe to it, photos and stories of places people had been. It’s been great watching it grow and there’s been so much great input.

“I go on each day. There’s always something new. I’ve had great advice, some really simple stuff too, like stuffing a micro-fibre cloth behind your screen to clean your visor on a wet day!”

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