New breed of locks and chains is latest weapon against theft

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With an average 500 bikes stolen a week in 2018 motorcycles remain the most commonly stolen vehicle in the UK, seven times more likely to be nicked than anything else, which is why security firms are coming up with ever-more sophisticated locks.

And the latest of these, the Behemoth from Squire, is claimed to be not just its most secure yet – but is also its most expensive, costing a whopping £599.

The 22mm diameter, 1500mm long chain and hardened boron steel lock (adding boron further hardens the steel) is Sold Secure Diamond approved and claimed to withstand over 18 tonnes of pulling force. The 100mm, hardened steel padlock, meanwhile, gets Squire’s anti-drill protection and a 2x6 pin tumbler cylinder.

Nor are Squire the only ones with ever more extravagant locks. Milenco’s 22mm x 2000mm Snaefell chain and hardened steel lock wouldn’t look out of place mooring the Titanic, is ‘designed to be the toughest, strongest and most secure lock ever for a motorcycle’, also has the Sold Secure Diamond rating and costs a similarly hefty £350.

While Pragmasis make a 22mm security chain called the Protector and which costs £230 but that only gets you the chain so you’ll still need a lock to go with it. So what’s brought on the arrival of these new 'mega locks' and should we be encouraged to lash out up to £600 on buying one?

"We have seen the 'battlefield' change in the last few years with the success of DNA marking and trackers and other anti-theft technology," vehicle crime expert, Dr Ken German, told MCN.

"Locks can be beaten by the best professional bolt-croppers and disc cutters but there are still plenty of thieves that can be deterred by a good lock and chain."

And with the price of bikes steadily increasing, spending more on top-end security might make sense. If you own a £24,000 Ducati Panigale for example, £600 for a lock and the extra peace of mind it brings, is negligible.

What Sold Secure standard means

Sold Secure is a security product testing house in Rugby. Using techniques used by criminals they test products and award standards and ratings. Motorcycle security can achieve a Gold or Diamond rating, while scooter products carry Gold or Silver.

Tests are carried out based on insurance and police information and also consider the time a product stands up to abuse. Products achieving a Basic standard are considered to keep your motorbike safe from the average thief.

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